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Friday, May 25

  1. page AVAAK Business Incubation edited I just shared this story in another wiki that wanted me to say what I can do to promote youth empl…
    I just shared this story in another wiki that wanted me to say what I can do to promote youth employment...
    My aspiration is to create jobs for others that are fulfilling by offering them services that enable them create jobs.
    The situation of jobs in Kenya: Like in most developing countries, employment situation is not good for the youth, the resources that could generate employment are directed in what people think makes sense to the youth for political interest, meaning vote search, rather than wealth creation for the youth.
    Greatest challenge for Kenya and Africa
    We talk poverty too much. We expect to create jobs for us, yet we do not provide the infrastructure. There is too much inward looking in oppportunity generation.
    Every leader or person in responsibility, including those with some resources like the Bank, think of how they can create jobs for the youth without looking at possibilities of collaboration with external actors in a PPP model to help generate jobs.
    We have the challenge of always looking at the poverty of our economies as the driver and hence the reason for blame why we cannot generate jobs, yet many economies of the emerging economies invest much less than we do in Africa to create jobs. They only work in investing in infrastructure development through transparent systems/approaches. When technology is mentioned as a solution to unemployment, we take it too seriously and use unnecessary stereotypes. We want the government to invest and the bank or donor to supervise yet the people they appoint to supervise are just employees who want to write reports at the end of the day rather than thsoe who are keen in bulding organizations. Because we do not have people who want to build organizations, any report thjat is developed will be accepted and used for lesson learning.
    We do not learn from lessons emerging from other places/countries/continents even when so much has been documented. Look at what other economies are doing with virtual working in the cyberspace...just received this read this artcile to see what I mean:
    What my country do to create more jobs for youth...
    I have done some interesting consulting assignments on youth employment. They have been adopted piecemeal by the government, but more so to create jobs for some people or opportunities to well aligned organizations. Like most consultants I move on to look for another opportunity and hope that one day when the good Lord shines His face my way, I will be in a position to implement what the so called corrupt did not do...
    Allow me to whine a bit so that I can garner your sympathy...if it helps just bear with just human
    Let me enmumerate this...
    If you my reader know Kenya, then you know the famous Constituency Development Fund. Its my organizational model that was taken over and adopterd by Parliament for Rural Development. It has worked and shaped governance in Kenya. This has been appreciably used but was supposed to advise rural developed through a public private modelling. It did not happen because the model of private engagement was to infuse competition in politics and so the sponsor to parliament removed the community investment in the funding...this killed the value addition what we sought in my work which I promote agricultural value addition and hence job creation where production takes place...see
    You may also know the Youth Development Fund. It is an outcome of my consultancy. It has been the most miserable of all my consulting implementations. The youth I was working for and incubated because they were educated were the first to ensure that immediately they knew what organization I was proposing that gets created for them, they wanted me out. I was out, which also meant that I also left with the process thinking that would make the youth fund, and the youth employment scheme that was to go had in hand with this were never adopted. The model that is currently used in the ministry cannot sustain. No jobs can be created with the organizational model that the Ministry of Youth and Sports implements...not even the kazi kwa vijana that the bank has implemented with the government. You need a more credible model. We give it here.
    You know the Water Trust works, needs more transparency and opportunities around irrigated agriculture can drive this economy. Lets discuss that some other time, but the water service boards can develop irrigation does not happen, we only want water for drinking and that is done...
    There is a trust fund that many do not know about what was my passion to support the NARC government - the Street Family Rehabilitation Fund. This one was supposed to rehabilitate the many street families that were everywhere when the government came to change Kenya and we all felt Kenyan. My organizational model still works...but the linkage with entrepreneurship that we intended to pursue at Thunguma was killed by one of my employees who schemed with some government minsitry and we were again edged out from the implementation
    I can go on and on because I consult on development and livelihoods using a combination of skills that I like telling people are rare, much as they do not make me rich...because money comes in implementing ideas rather than dreaming them out!
    Just to blow my trumpet once more because no wiki of this nature has existed from the right organization...let me say that my models have been adopted to a great measure and shaped the practise of employment generation. I am also whining that the adoption has been poor or selfish by those given to implement and because as the designed I would like to see things run from the design script, am normally edged out in the implementation and not consulted when consultancies for that is done.
    That however is the whining and not proposals on what can and should be done for my country.
    I am now modelling what can be done which is what I want to share...
    Allow me to share with you the Aquaculture, Value Addition, Agribusiness and Knowledge (AVAAK) Centre model, which luckily is also hosted as a wiki.
    This model seeks to create ICT centres driven by what people do in Agriculture and with investment resources being drawn from the agricultural exploits that they may have in their locality. Every person, young, old, retired or working has the privilege of investing in an AVAAK centre as it is an entrepreneurship resource where knowledge is shared and market linkage of what is produced at the local level done.
    The AVAAK Centre is a telecentre, driven by knowledge and investment of a people for their own development. It is what was originally thought of as the community owned development centre when the CDF was coined more than 10 years ago.
    The good thing is that the model now has the support of Cisco Entrepreneur Institute and and my own organizations that still promote youth incubation and support in developing their own organizations. I leave the businesses to be run by their youthful energy as I pursue the dream of dreaming for Africa. Visit them in person or through web at Octagon Data Systems Limited, which is the leading supplier of ICT solutions in Agriculture that Africa has ever seen..., WillPower Enterprise Development Limited which is the first private sector incubation company in Kenya that supports incubation of youths in ICT related enteprises and VACID Africa which you ghave visited if you follow the earlier provided links.
    I want to be very selfish and say that my country needs to implement the AVAAK Networks, using the devolution that it is now doing and using the resourcefulness that I can help tap to help mould our youth.
    I started this journey what I was a youth, now I have youths and I fear for them if things keep the direction and pace they are taking...

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Wednesday, May 23

  1. page Making Telecentres Work Through AVAAKs edited {Micro_Policy_Integration_in_Telecentre_Work.jpg} Micro Policy Implementation Through Telecentre…

    {Micro_Policy_Integration_in_Telecentre_Work.jpg} Micro Policy Implementation Through TelecentresIntroduction
    Governments spend enormous amounts of resources in ICT investments. In many cases, the investments are driven by the providers, or vendors, of the services such as technology providers rather than the national needs of such governments. Many governments in development countries are not able to hire very effective officers and hence those that they have may lack in many aspects that are easily noticed by the hawks that technology vendors sometimes are.
    VACID Africa Institute Support
    At VACID Africa Institute, we promote collaboration, a public private partnership model that ensures that governments get what they deserve, communities of young technology and knowledge creators come together and identify solutions from a single point...the institute's AVAAK Centre. It is a simple construct that is constructed simply by the locals without imported inflation. With our modelling, knowledgeable local people can choose to use their technical know-how to build their communities, or they can charge a small fee to keep it growing. We promote social entrepreneurship recommending that AVAAK Centres promote knowledge creation using process out-sourcing models and not to be used as begging bowls or community exploitation dens.
    Tested Model hrough Legislation in Kenya
    Our model started with what has become a valued development in Kenya, a construct that was taken over by a legislator and converted to a bill that has driven anything the government does with the grassroots, being made to a low in the disbursement of funds called the Constituency Development Fund....its grassroots focus has helped the policy thinkers to see that yes, taking resources to where production takes place makes sense. Using this thinking even the devolution of the Kenya government has been possible. But process efficiency and transparency is still needed, yet the government does not have the money to do the things it must. Our contribution to this modelling now takes the focus of community ICTs and Agribusiness Development Centres which we have baptised AVAAK Centres. As far as policy is concerned, they are communities of practice and interest through which we use to create community owned knowledge centers that AVAAK Centres.
    Partnership for Development
    Ours is to support local people to creqate these centres and run them from a knowekledge base that we shall always willingly provide. We shall also offer eLearning programems through these. We shall seek partners from all development thinkers in the aqreas we identify as necessary for a country so that we can enage from a win-win perspective. We have so far been supported by Cisco and from a technology and knowledge perspective. We have collaborated with CIAT/TSBF and the Kenya Governent and World Bank through their progamme of the Kenya Agricultural Productivity and Agribusiness Programme. All our knowledge is generated from the experience we gain from these partners. We value these and welcome more partners.
    Where YOU Come In
    Our AVAAK Centre model is created as a community ICT centre. By branding it a community ICT centre does not mean that an individual, a community, a company cannot own one. You can own it but not make it commercial. We believe in numbers, the more people you serve, the mode will come and the more you earn. Charge them little so that there is inclusion. Use your knowledge to support development. Allow the youth to come and produce knowledge resources through the ever available, almost free internet resources. Infuse knowledge and ICTs to the practice of what people do by bringing your management skills at the grassroots as social responsibility. If you are keen in promoting agriculture, join the founder of VACID Africa in promoting Aquaculture, Value Addition, Agribusiness and Knowledge which he conceptualized to be a centre of everything national and government where agriculture is the driving force.
    We seek your engagement with us and through you with any development partners that you may know who may need to use our model at all levels to promote the use of ICTs in organizations, in agriculture and policy, in health and nutrition and in educational and knowledge. We shall support you so that all these are offered through a packaged service that governments and development partners can appropriate in their work through their policy institutions and infrastructure providers.
    Write back to me at ....Let us work together. Sponsor an AVAAK Centre, we shall help you manage it...

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  2. page Training Programmes edited We invite you to join VACID Africa Institute's Learning Programmes as a Local Institute or Partner …
    We invite you to join VACID Africa Institute's Learning Programmes as a Local Institute or Partner
    our global leanringlearning programmes. If
    Been running training programmes that you would like to port to a global learning engine
    Have a programme that you wished can be made available globally but did not know how
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  3. page Training Programmes edited ... Have some skill that you can employ to create an income but wonder how to.... This site is fo…
    Have some skill that you can employ to create an income but wonder how to....
    This site is for you, write to us at VACID Africa Institute
    InDo You want to start Your New Training Centre?
    If you would like to styart an income generating activity offering our Aquaculture, Value Addition, Agribusiness or any of our Knowledge respource products and services, you have the privilege of doing this now.
    You therefore have 3 options available to you:
    Train 2 ToTs for 2 weeks( 4 days in the 2 weeks will be contact days), then training with the ToTs being part of the teaching as they also learn to train in entrepreneurship jointly with our registered facilitators,
    a littleclass of minimum 10 students. In this case, the ToTs would not be considered as students.
    You could have another option where the ToTs get to be trained, then they would take the class straight and teach without the support of our facilitator. In this case, you would keep a handsome earning for each student trained
    You could choose to just be an investor and not to have any ToTs and instead have all the students trained from our studios...the 4 days contact hours would be needed so that we can set up the computer lab for WebEx training. You have the liberty to charge a training centre support fee but not a good investment like if you had your own trainers
    A short
    while after we receive your responses,request, we shall
    seek in regsiteringregistering for the
    Kiringai Kamau
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Saturday, March 3

  1. page Our Partners edited ... he theme of telecentres is what the AVAAK Centers amplify, promoting contextualized creation o…
    he theme of telecentres is what the AVAAK Centers amplify, promoting contextualized creation of community ICTs but now focused on specific areas - value addition of agricultural produce, agribusiness support through linkage with other development partners and governments.
    While we have contextualized the the curriculum commons developed by the Telecentre.,org Foundation Academy to promote the formalized higher level learning on the organizational management of our AVAAK Centers, we collaborate on quality assurance and support of the telecentre movement but particularly more so in the contextualized support of our AVAAK centers and any organization that seeks to integrate community ICT to what they do.
    {WillPower_ED_Logo.JPG} All the enterprise development that VACID Africa and VACID Africa Institute undertakes as demonstrated by the combination of the integration of ICTs to small businesses started with WillPower Enterprise Development. Indeed, most of the work that goes on in SMEs in Kenya has had the input and foresight of WillPower Enterprise Development Limited. The organization has over the years shed off its original form specializing more on advisory services for SMEs and incubation. As a way of fusing old knowledge with new market dynamics, WillPower has embraced internet solutions development and support to a growing number of organizations. All the websites supported by VACID Africa or our other related businesses are supported by WillPower.
    {Octagon_Emblem_2011.JPG} While Value Addition and Cottage Industry Development in Africa (VACID Africa) is a creation of the engagement of ICT4D with Agriculture, the innovation of the ICTs which VACID Africa uses for the purpose of creating impact on the farmers and what farmers do are evolved and supported by Octagon Data Systems Limited.
    Octagon is an agricultural technologies development company and undertakers research on ICT4D making the results available to the rural communities in the easiest way possible, hence its trade market Easyway.
    {Kimathi_Univesity_Logo.gif} We have partnered with Kimathi University College of Technologyto provide technology solutions for our farmers. The food science department at the university carries out whatever research is necessary to ensure that the products and services delivered through our AVAAK centers are backed by research. The AVAAKs are also manned by graduates and interns from the university as local service providers. Both the students and our programme benefits from this collaboration with provides the university with the tag of producing market ready graduates and for our farmers, knowledgeable individuals as their service providers.
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