We invite you to join VACID Africa Institute's Learning Programmes as a Local Institute or Partner

Jointly with Cisco Entrepreneur Institute and Wikispaces, we are planning to roll our a programme of Institute Programme Managers and then affiliate your institute to our global learning programmes. If your organization has:
  1. Been running training programmes that you would like to port to a global learning engine
  2. Have a programme that you wished can be made available globally but did not know how
  3. Are keen in promoting eLearning but have lacked a partner who can support you achieve this dream
  4. Have some skill that you can employ to create an income but wonder how to....

This site is for you, write to us at VACID Africa Institute

Do You want to start Your New Training Centre?

If you would like to styart an income generating activity offering our Aquaculture, Value Addition, Agribusiness or any of our Knowledge respource products and services, you have the privilege of doing this now.
You therefore have 3 options available to you:
  1. Train 2 ToTs for 2 weeks( 4 days in the 2 weeks will be contact days), then training with the ToTs being part of the teaching as they also learn to train in entrepreneurship jointly with our registered facilitators, a class of minimum 10 students. In this case, the ToTs would not be considered as students.
  2. You could have another option where the ToTs get to be trained, then they would take the class straight and teach without the support of our facilitator. In this case, you would keep a handsome earning for each student trained
  3. You could choose to just be an investor and not to have any ToTs and instead have all the students trained from our studios...the 4 days contact hours would be needed so that we can set up the computer lab for WebEx training. You have the liberty to charge a training centre support fee but not a good investment like if you had your own trainers

A short while after we receive your request, we shall place the shedule of the available programmes to help those seek in registering for the training programmes to do so.


Kiringai Kamau
Knowledge Specialist & IP Manager