VACID Africa Institute is a registered Cisco Entrepreneur InstituteTraining Center responsible for the capacity building and support of regional Cisco Entrepreneur Institutes in the Eastern Africa region. Our focus is to use the tools that haev been handed to us by our principals to evolve a learning culture to promote entrepreneur adoption at the community and SME level.

We have the pleasure of registering and supporting you adn your community efforts to embrace ICT as a vehicle towards wealth creation through the internet and related ICTs.

Telecentre.org_Foundation_Logo.jpgTelecentres are a creation of research on what can help bridge the digital divide. That research outcome was bequeathed to Foundation by IDRC.

he theme of telecentres is what the AVAAK Centers amplify, promoting contextualized creation of community ICTs but now focused on specific areas - value addition of agricultural produce, agribusiness support through linkage with other development partners and governments.

While we have contextualized the the curriculum commons developed by the Telecentre.,org Foundation Academy to promote the formalized higher level learning on the organizational management of our AVAAK Centers, we collaborate on quality assurance and support of the telecentre movement but particularly more so in the contextualized support of our AVAAK centers and any organization that seeks to integrate community ICT to what they do.

WillPower_ED_Logo.JPGAll the enterprise development that VACID Africa and VACID Africa Institute undertakes as demonstrated by the combination of the integration of ICTs to small businesses started with WillPower Enterprise Development. Indeed, most of the work that goes on in SMEs in Kenya has had the input and foresight of WillPower Enterprise Development Limited. The organization has over the years shed off its original form specializing more on advisory services for SMEs and incubation. As a way of fusing old knowledge with new market dynamics, WillPower has embraced internet solutions development and support to a growing number of organizations. All the websites supported by VACID Africa or our other related businesses are supported by WillPower.

Octagon_Emblem_2011.JPGWhile Value Addition and Cottage Industry Development in Africa (VACID Africa) is a creation of the engagement of ICT4D with Agriculture, the innovation of the ICTs which VACID Africa uses for the purpose of creating impact on the farmers and what farmers do are evolved and supported by Octagon Data Systems Limited.

Octagon is an agricultural technologies development company and undertakers research on ICT4D making the results available to the rural communities in the easiest way possible, hence its trade market Easyway.

Kimathi_Univesity_Logo.gifWe have partnered with Kimathi University College of Technologyto provide technology solutions for our farmers. The food science department at the university carries out whatever research is necessary to ensure that the products and services delivered through our AVAAK centers are backed by research. The AVAAKs are also manned by graduates and interns from the university as local service providers. Both the students and our programme benefits from this collaboration with provides the university with the tag of producing market ready graduates and for our farmers, knowledgeable individuals as their service providers.