Micro Policy Implementation Through Telecentres

Governments spend enormous amounts of resources in ICT investments. In many cases, the investments are driven by the providers, or vendors, of the services such as technology providers rather than the national needs of such governments. Many governments in development countries are not able to hire very effective officers and hence those that they have may lack in many aspects that are easily noticed by the hawks that technology vendors sometimes are.

VACID Africa Institute Support

At VACID Africa Institute, we promote collaboration, a public private partnership model that ensures that governments get what they deserve, communities of young technology and knowledge creators come together and identify solutions from a single point...the institute's AVAAK Centre. It is a simple construct that is constructed simply by the locals without imported inflation. With our modelling, knowledgeable local people can choose to use their technical know-how to build their communities, or they can charge a small fee to keep it growing. We promote social entrepreneurship recommending that AVAAK Centres promote knowledge creation using process out-sourcing models and not to be used as begging bowls or community exploitation dens.

Tested Model hrough Legislation in Kenya

Our model started with what has become a valued development in Kenya, a construct that was taken over by a legislator and converted to a bill that has driven anything the government does with the grassroots, being made to a low in the disbursement of funds called the Constituency Development Fund....its grassroots focus has helped the policy thinkers to see that yes, taking resources to where production takes place makes sense. Using this thinking even the devolution of the Kenya government has been possible. But process efficiency and transparency is still needed, yet the government does not have the money to do the things it must. Our contribution to this modelling now takes the focus of community ICTs and Agribusiness Development Centres which we have baptised AVAAK Centres. As far as policy is concerned, they are communities of practice and interest through which we use to create community owned knowledge centers that AVAAK Centres.

Partnership for Development

Ours is to support local people to creqate these centres and run them from a knowekledge base that we shall always willingly provide. We shall also offer eLearning programems through these. We shall seek partners from all development thinkers in the aqreas we identify as necessary for a country so that we can enage from a win-win perspective. We have so far been supported by Cisco and Telecentre.org from a technology and knowledge perspective. We have collaborated with CIAT/TSBF and the Kenya Governent and World Bank through their progamme of the Kenya Agricultural Productivity and Agribusiness Programme. All our knowledge is generated from the experience we gain from these partners. We value these and welcome more partners.

Where YOU Come In

Our AVAAK Centre model is created as a community ICT centre. By branding it a community ICT centre does not mean that an individual, a community, a company cannot own one. You can own it but not make it commercial. We believe in numbers, the more people you serve, the mode will come and the more you earn. Charge them little so that there is inclusion. Use your knowledge to support development. Allow the youth to come and produce knowledge resources through the ever available, almost free internet resources. Infuse knowledge and ICTs to the practice of what people do by bringing your management skills at the grassroots as social responsibility. If you are keen in promoting agriculture, join the founder of VACID Africa in promoting Aquaculture, Value Addition, Agribusiness and Knowledge which he conceptualized to be a centre of everything national and government where agriculture is the driving force.

We seek your engagement with us and through you with any development partners that you may know who may need to use our model at all levels to promote the use of ICTs in organizations, in agriculture and policy, in health and nutrition and in educational and knowledge. We shall support you so that all these are offered through a packaged service that governments and development partners can appropriate in their work through their policy institutions and infrastructure providers.

Write back to me at info@vacidafrica.or.ke ....Let us work together. Sponsor an AVAAK Centre, we shall help you manage it...